Yasha Mokhnacheva-Yavorskaya
Art director & Progect manager
2018 – current
Startup consulting in the following areas: CultTech, EdTech, AgTech, PropTech
Member of the Expert • Business Club
• Speaker of business conferences in the economy development creative industries and culture
2013- current
Project 1
Artplay Design Centre, Creative Director
Territory development, business development, partnerships, special projects, event marketing. Strategist for territory
development concepts of commercial offers under Artplay management umbrella (Russia, CIS, EU).
Created and developed the cultural strategy for Artplay Design Centre branch in Saint-Petersburg: employed a
team of skilled experts; involved the local art community; produced the Open Museum of Public and Street Art

Engaged key partners B2B/ culture & show business: Adidas official presentation of the ball for the World
Championship 2018 involving football stars: Lionel Andr s Messi, Zin dine Yazid Zidane, Kak , Alessandro Del
Piero, Xabier Alonso Olano, Łukasz J zef Podolski; Biennale exhibitions of contemporary art (main/ additional
programs); Biennale of street and graffiti Artmosphere ; Netherlands Art Assembly

Created the company’s mission statement, developed a series of marketing activity and events to implement the
social significance of the company (support for vulnerable groups of visitors, zero waste, vegetarian, healthy and
sport lifestyle)

• Created the cultural strategy for redevelopment the old factory territory of Artplay Design Centre in Moscow
Launched the Multimedia Digital Art Center in Berlin: managed the technical and engineers’ team, curated the
exhibitions during 3 years

Launched the Multimedia Digital Art Center in Saint-Petersburg: have been responsible for managing the relevant
group of engineers and technical team

B2G partnership, organization and execution of the annual events in the framework of the Government’s culture
programme: Museum Night, Music Night, City Day Celebration

Event marketing: increasing the coverage of the site to 28,000 (events only) unique users per day, increasing the
traffic of the territory to 25,000 people at one-time

Project 2
Digital Art Centre Artplay Media , Co-founder
Created, launched, and led Top-3 in the world studio specializing in multimedia exhibitions in art and culture heritage.
Studio’s work entails every step from exhibition idea creation, production of digital multimedia content, technical
equipment design, marketing strategy and advertising kit, exhibitions tours, business development and franchise
sales, financial and investment management.
Work with intellectual properties.
The total media coverage of the project is more than 100,000 publications worldwide, more than 5 million visitors in 15
Multimedia exhibition The Great Modernists. Revolution in Art (Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Самара, Тула,
Саратов, Бишкек, Рига, Берлин, Нью-Дели);

Multimedia and original objects exhibition Michelangelo. Sistine Shapely (Москва, Санкт-Петербург,
Екатеринбург, Пермь, Минск, Бишкек, Шанхай);

Multimedia exhibition Hieronymus Bosh. Alive visions in a framework of The World Culture Heritage Program
Bosh-500 (Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Тула, Саратов, Берлин, Прага);

Curator and screenwriter for multimedia exhibition Peter Bruegel: Upside Down World on request of the Belgian
Embassy and the Government of the Flanders region (Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Тула, Рига);

Curator of the exhibition of contemporary art "Parallel • Bruegel" (Moscow);
• Screenwriter, director - Multimedia cinematic exhibition "I am Aivazovsky", feature film (Moscow);
• Multimedia exhibition “Van Gogh. Letters to Theo ”(Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bishkek, Bangkok, Riga);
• Multimedia exhibition “Klimt. Gold of Art Nouveau "(Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga);
• Multimedia exhibition "French Impressionism" (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bishkek, Riga, Berlin);
• Multimedia exhibition "From Avant-garde to Modernism" (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Berlin);
• Scriptwriter, director - Multimedia exhibition "Passion according to Freud (Don't be a Freud)" (Moscow);
Curator of the exposition of contemporary art and fashion "Passion according to Freud" in cooperation with the
modeling Lumpen Model Agency (Moscow);

Multimedia exhibition “Mickey Mouse. Inspiring the World” commissioned by The Walt Disney Company for the
character's 90th anniversary;

Curator of the exposition - Exhibition of Fashion Collections in collaboration with artists of contemporary art and
street art "Mickey Mouse -90" commissioned by The Walt Disney Company; creation of a series of full-scale graffiti
for a project in Moscow;

Multimedia exhibition and exhibition of contemporary art “Space. LOVE” commissioned by the State Corporation
ROSCOSMOS: working with archives, working with NASA content, advertising campaign in space

Participation with multimedia projects in professional exhibitions and Biennale in Wales (Great Britain), St. Louis

2010 – current
Advisory in arts and creative industries, owner of the “Creative Shell” Agency
Independent curator, advisor, producer, and methodologist, working with brands, territories and museums over a
variety of projects.
Including: advisory over museum formats for private and government companies, asset management and art
collections for HNWI and family offices in XXI century arts, including public arts & graffiti, advising galleries and art
dealers, writing facilitation, curatorship and educational methodologies for venues, museums and forums. Authorship
of educational methodology in culture & arts.
Museum of Music - collection systematization, market research, text writing, educational video • content production;
• Museum of Transport (B2G): advising on the methodology of creating a museum exposition and collection;
Automobile Museum / TOP-3 of the leading brands in the light engineering industry (B2G): creation of the concept
of the museum and presentation area, analysis of the market for professional innovative exhibition solutions,
selection of contractors for the implementation of the project, participation in the expert council for the
development of the architectural concept;

International festival Today’s ART with J. Bakstein (Netherlands, The Hague, 2013): creation of a site-specific
exhibition exposition in the premises of the former building of the special services;

Vienna Contemporary Art Fair, Austria, Vienna, 2013: design and implementation of the exposition of the ICA
exhibition stand;

• Audiovisual performance "Canto Ostinato", Netherlands: organization of a tour to Russia, 2013;
The cycle of exhibitions "Curator's Choice" about continuity in contemporary Russian Art: Exposition of archival
materials and works of artists from the schools of Moscow Conceptualism and Nonconformism; works of young
artists of contemporary art;

• Curator of graffiti projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Support for public and street art;
• Producer of the Moscow Festival of Science and Technology Geek Picnic'19;
Co-producer of the international government arts forum, which brought together more than 90,000 participants,
from students to key experts in the creative industry and heads of regions: Development of teaching methods in
the field of culture and art, implementation of educational and festival programs;

• Producer of the Tavrida Art Moscow Festival'20 charity auction
2000 – 2010 family business
Creative director at Educational Centre for Parents: parental education, birth, and early childhood development,
nutrition and health.
Pioneering a market niche of private children development centres, founded a sustainable business model under
country crisis conditions, and grew the business x 4 times over 10 years.
Moscow Academy of Education. Natalia Nesterova (MAO): Department of the Academy of Painting / Master's /
Specialization - Muralist
Institute of Contemporary Art Problems (ICAP), course "New Strategies in Contemporary Art";
"Free Workshops" at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Course "Practices of Curatorial Activities"
Additional education
Data driven management
MVM.mos state accelerator of the service sector
Scrum / Agile project management
SWOT / anti-SWOT
PR / Advertising and public relations course, Russian State University for the Humanities
Course in screenwriting and film studies, Institute of Cinematography, a.k.a. VGIK
Cultural Studies and Art History, State Academy of Slavic Culture
Non-Profit / Social engagements
Lecturer at educational platforms and institutions in the following areas: "Management in culture", "Strategy of
cultural projects", "Project management in the field of culture and art" Community activist for support and
cooperation with young artists

Speaker at conferences specializing in: Culture and art, design, project management, territory management,
marketing in culture, event marketing in commercial and non-profit projects; creative industry, art clusters,
investigation of local communities in culture;

Member of the Expert Council of the “Sokol” Center for Contemporary • Art, 2013-14.
• Co-founder of the information online portal about art "ART Knot"
Co-organizer of the youth movement of artists of traveling exhibitions of contemporary art "Minced meat, Borsch,

Co-founder of the youth movement of artists of underground art "Art-Zakhvat": a series of exhibition sites,
specifics of projects in non-purpose and abandoned premises

Member of the City Expert Council "Directorate of Educational Programs in the Field of Culture and Art" and in the
direction of "Media Art"

• Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (TSHR)
• Member of the expert council of the special project in the field of Stree art art "Cultural Code"
• Member of the expert business club for start-up management
Area of interests
Formation processes of a new digital culture
Development in the field of augmented / virtual reality
Data analysis, AI, big data analytics
Social Research in Visual Culture Formation of a new museum environment. Smart technologies in the museum
Management in the field of culture
Study of the psychology of perception of visual and immersive culture
Economics and finance in culture and art
Development and support of contemporary art
Preservation and conservation of historical monuments
Economics in the creative industries
Project management
Artifact phenomenon in art
Reconstruction of history using AI, virtual reality
Educational programs and EdTech platforms in the field of culture
Research of underground culture and local art communities
Product management
International Copyright Jurisprudence
Sound design and sound research
Ecotechnology and agricultural technology
Creation of exhibition projects
Startup development and investments
Modern philosophy
Independent cinema
Contemporary theater and performative practices

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